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Coupons with you all the Time 

​​​​​​Elite Discounts is the FREE phone app that provides the SOLUTION for consumer COUPON problems, such as:

the coupon is in the  other car 

• the coupon is at home on the kitchen table 

• the coupon is expired 

• I can't find the coupon 

• I don't have a coupon for this business

Elite Discounts contains coupons from local businesses that you'll always have with you because you always have your phone with you!  That's just smart.

Download today --start saving and trying new businesses!

How Does The Elite Discounts App Work?

1.  Download Elite Discounts from app store to your phone.

2.  Launch Elite Discounts--it will show you Categories.

3.  Tap on the Category you want to explore.

4.  View the List of offers in that category.

5.  Tap on the offer you want to use.

6. Show that offer when you pay.

 Save money and try new places using great coupons!